Professional Speaking


Are you ready to take your career to the next level, but you have little or no experience in professional speaking, in any language, including your native tongue?


Are you an experienced speaker who knows when you will be speaking next and what you want to say, but now you need to prepare & perfect your performance?


Do you already have some experience speaking professionally in your native language, but now you’re ready to translate that experience into a global context?

If you answered YES, personalised professional speaking sessions are the answer!

Each and every package that gets put together is personalised and custom-made depending on my clients needs, blocks and desired outcomes.

You are already an expert in your field in your own language.
Let’s take you to the next level in English.


Behind every bespoke package is a uniquely individual process.

But cornerstones of my work run throughout each of them : my signature Anchor Word Identification and Elemental Pull-Together methods, mindset deep dive, message perfection, managing and conquering stage fright and vocal work, to name just a few.

speaking preparation


No matter where you are, in your process when we come together for our first session, we always start with preparation. Preparation includes (but is not limited to): reviewing your core message, identifying & intentionally selecting Anchor Words that keep you grounded and on message, my signature Elemental Pull-Together where we identify all the elements you want for your presentation and “pull them together”. Perfection of the text (ensuring perfect spelling, grammar & vocabulary and that your chosen message comes through clearly). There is always more, but that depends on you and your needs!

speaking performance


In the performance part of my process, we take everything we’ve uncovered during the preparation process and get it on its feet, literally! We begin to embody the message and the presentation around it. We get up out of the chairs we have (usually) been sitting in during the preparation phase. We get moving!

Some of the things we work on are stage fright, tools for stress & anxiety, reading the room, how your Anchor Words improve your delivery, body language, breathwork, vocal work, among others.

speaking debrief


The debrief is where we discuss all details about your performance experience. What worked, what didn’t how did you feel, what were your best moments and what were your less good moments? How can you best move forward from here, whether you’re on the road to becoming a professional paid speaker or levelling up in your career, or building your empire and taking over the world. No matter where you are headed, we’ll look back over your speaking experience to help you move forward exactly as you want to.

Custom packages by appointment starting at €1,800

Whether you’re speaking internally or externally, tomorrow or next month, let’s connect so you can begin your journey to reaching your highest potential through the spoken word.

Travailler avec Perdita, c’est des échanges, des échanges qui sont bien plus larges et bien plus précieux que ce qu’on pourrait attendre d’un cours d’anglais. C’est dur de parler en français maintenant qu’on a pris l’habitude de parler en anglais avec Perdita !

Marion Collard
fondatrice Studio Marion Collard
I recently gave a presentation in English and was struck by the progress I’d made in such a short time thanks to Perdita and our work together. I now feel confident when I speak in English in public and actually enjoy doing so!

Louise Lesparre
CMO Onepark
Perdita est extrêmement bienveillante et aide à se sentir plus en confiance dans l’expression orale. Elle s’adapte complètement à mon niveau et à mes besoins de progression. Je me sens vraiment encouragée et motivée quand je travaille avec elle. J’ai le sentiment d’avoir progressé dans la fluidité de mes propos en anglais, de faire moins de fautes de grammaire et de mieux comprendre quand je lis en anglais.

Avant d’être coachée par Perdita, je n’osais pas prendre la parole en public. Maintenant, je sens que je suis plus à l’aise et que je peux tenir une conversation même si certaines phrases ou expressions ne sont pas parfaites.

Malicia Donniou
Ginkgo Avocats

other services

Interview Coaching

You find your dream job ad, but it’s in English, so you don’t even bother applying.

You want to advance at work, but all the higher level jobs require higher-level English, or you’ve always dreamed of working abroad.

Working together, we will conquer your nerves around interviews and make that first impression you give one that’s clear and intentional! We will also work on your English skills and vocabulary, your CV and your cover letter.

Conversation Coaching

Have you ever been invited to a dinner party or work event only to discover when you arrive that you are expected to chat the evening away in English?

Have you ever had to make small talk with international associates or potential investors in English, a language that isn’t your own?

Working together one-on-one on your conversational English, you will feel your nerves melt away, your fear decrease and your confidence grow. Those awkward pauses searching for your words will evaporate and suddenly be replaced by fluidity. All you need to do is start!